TeamSnap App Bewertungen

Große Hilfe

Toll, daß es dieses tool gibt. Damit lassen sich die Vereinsaktivitäten für uns als Familie gut planen. Wüsste gar nicht, wie es ohne gehen sollte. (Wir haben zwei aktive Spieler.)


Super App! Läuft wie geschmiert. Nur zwei kleine Mängel: 1. Es wie am PC die Option für "Availability Notes" geben!! Und ein TeamSnap in Deutsch wäre auch super :)


Wenn das ganze Team sich dran hält, definitiv super gut!


Macht was es soll auf perfekte Art!!



Must have

Absolute must w kid sports


Love it!!!

Save me the stupid comments

Just stop it already with the comments you think are clever. We are all parents, with only little time. This is a tool forced on all of us by our respective leagues. Just cut it out. It is not amusing. It is not keeping us on the app. We are forced on it. We just need basic functionality. Stop. Please. Just stop it. You aren't funny.


I really like it

Updates ruin a great app

This app was awesome. Straight forward and concise. Now, it’s full of useless big screens. Gone are the easy days where you could easily find information Now you must sift through large boxes similar to the horrid Microsoft updates. I foresee this app being quickly replaced.

Great App

Great team organization app! (Would like to see a baseball lineup tool added)

Battery issues

My wife and I noticed that this app drains our batteries whenever messages are posted to the team chat. If people are actively posting to the chat then the batteries in our iPhone 8 phones drain much faster then normal.

Subscription policy needs to offer an end date

The only current way to pay for premium services is through an annual pass or automatically renewing monthly payments. I coach little kids who’s average season is about 6 weeks. I’m fine paying for 2 months worth of services but don’t want to have to remember to go into the app and turn off the monthly payments after the season is done. It would be preferable to pay for the length of time needed up front and not have to set a reminder to log back in and unsubscribe after the season is done.


I really love the app because I can look at all my sports

Can’t get nothing

I have used this app for a couple years with my soccer team. Just this last month when her games begins the app stopped working and starting showing that I needed to be invited. Worked for me before. I contacted the coach and he couldn’t invite me as it showed I was already joined. Now my daughter is playing softball and her coach just sent an invited. Didn’t receive that. I have tried contacting via messenger on Facebook and never got a reply. Now I emailed customer support hopefully I will get something back from that. Contacting via email is such a joke. What happened to talking one on one 🙄

Love it, but could be even better if...

I’ve been a soccer mom for 10 years and also coached for 5 years, so I’ve had to use many different communication tools over the years. Teamsnap has been the best at getting parents up to date from the Coach and also at bringing parents together. For older teams, we love the Live Game feature because we aren’t at all the games now that our kids drive. For our younger teams, it’s great because we share photos and plan off field team events easily. I have problems with being the owner of multiple accounts and teams (older kids have their own, and it causes issues with mine because I get listed twice), I also wish the customer service were more prominent because I don’t know how to fix these issues! Lastly, they should make it more obvious to Coaches which messages actually text parents (is it alerts, messages or mail..our coaches get it mixed up!). Overall, I LOVE this app.

Great app for teams

This is a great app for team organization and communication. Plenty of free features.

Great Team Tool

It has been my saving grace to keep my parents informed of games and getting the word out about games and events. Easy to add family members.

TeamSnap is a life saver!

My son plays baseball and soccer. Teamsnap is the only way I keep my sanity! I can find all info about games, practices and all! Also, I love your updates...... I LOVE to read your snarky updates, they are the best!

Hate the new UI and ads

Used to be a quick, streamlined app. Now it it’s bloated bringing you to a schedule page you don’t want that you have to tap a few times to get out of. At least make it configurable. Also, Ads when we pay a subscription fee. Greed. Sometimes the ads pop up and move the screen as you are about to tap something and causes you tap the wrong thing.


Needs support for iPhone X. When players add a new roster picture it doesn’t refresh. I have to delete and reinstall app to see new pic. When refreshing roster picture you can’t see the whole thing. I’m disappointed

Excellent app for managing my two soccer teams

Best features in my opinion: Import games schedules. Check player availability & send reminders to players that have not updated availability. Send emails/alerts - for example rain delays I manage two soccer teams & this app makes it so easy. I have used other apps & they do not come close to this.

Love it

Can't say enough about this app - makes the administration so much easier!

Loosing a lot of love...

Looks like team snap is loosing a lot of love over this last update. Now why did you have to go and change a good thing? New users won’t “see” the difference so you’ll still get 4 and 5 star ratings from them. Those of us who have used it for years now notice ant the new format is inconvenient and horrid! Get a clue and listen to your customers! Or, continue to ignore their feedback and put the money before them. Either way, team snap, you will reveal your true colors. You get to decide if it’s going to have the “face” of your customers or the of the all mighty $ sign. Congratulations on earning a 1 star rating!

Not all it’s cracked up to be

Loved this app until this Season!!!! We ended up with a larger group above the 20 person team size the free app supports. Thought that’s fine I’ll upgrade to the pay for plan. Links don’t work, you can’t access real support and the app does not even have an upgrade available within the settings or on the App Store

Great app, I have one suggestion

This app is great! Easy to keep track of the season, changes, locations and rosters. My only suggestion would be to have a way to print out the lineups.

Login page TOO slow

This app was great, but after the last couple of updates, the login page constantly gets stuck in an endless spinning wheel.

Awesome Ap

They really have thought of everything a coach and player could need!

Great when it does not have a bug

Works great and then you run into a bug. Even on the paid version

Latest update is a downgrade

Your latest mobile app upgrade is horrid. Are you doing any end user testing at all? I wish I could downgrade to an old version but it stopped working. It makes me not want to have anything to do with managing a team ever again. It is seriously that bad.

Great app

This is a great app for sports. All the information is easy to access. I would give another 5 stars to whoever writes the update descriptions for this app. :)


Waaaaayyyy to many updates! Every week??? Get it together Team Snap!!!

Hope you enjoy SPAM

Used to be a good application, but so spammy now that it’s more annoying than useful.

Update Crashes and Won’t Restore Purchase

After this update if I click on the x to close an ad banner the app crashes and then when I go to restore my TeamSnap Plus purchase it says it can’t connect to the iTunes Store. Please fix this.

Poway Men’s hockey league

Great League and We use Team Snap to organize our team. Great way to organize and communicate with a bunch of busy guys during the week. I would recommend this app for anyone running a team

Great app

THE SINGLE BEST app for sports used by our hockey team absolutely no complaints!!!!!!

Must have!

If you manage a team of any sort, this is a non-negotiable tool. I’ve used it for 4 years now for my son’s Little League Baseball teams and I don’t know how I could have done it without this app. Just get the data in the system and you are good to go. This won’t disappoint!

Great tool

Love the app. Especially now that the stats are on mobile devices.

Baseball NEE Baseball

Great app, to keep parents in the loop of game changes,addresses,scores etc It is quick and easy to update scores and action of the games


It takes too long to load up fix ur app TeamSnap.

Pop up ads ruin experience

I used to love this app, however the new pop up ad feature has ruined it completely. For example, when trying to do anything a pop up window overtakes the entire screen. Now you can’t close this and get back to the app, you must click on the ad which takes you to your web browser. From there you need to navigate back to the app. This is a frustrating experience to say the least especially if you are trying to do anything that is time sensitive.

Lots of ads and spam just horrible

I can’t believe these guys are selling spam and ads to us - this is horrible I’m recommending to our team switching to another platform that’s just insane

New update STINKS

I used to love TeamSnap. I literally use it for every team my kids are on- cheer, basketball, gymnastics, soccer, baseball and lots of lacrosse! THE NEW UPDATE IS AWFUL. It’s annoying when I open the app and the tram I was last looking at automatically comes up and it’s not even the regular page. Much more convenient to have all teams listed when you open the app. BRING BACK THE OLD TEAMSNAP

Very useful

Great app. Is it possible to use for other sports?

Time to go...

Been using TeamSnap for years. Last updates made id more difficult to use if you have more than two team. The latest ux update added a lot of friction to switch between teams. For an app that suppose to Save time that’s counter productive The ads are a real nuisance. I get they want to make money but our teams do pay each year. Telling us to pay more by charging players is very questionable tactic with consumers and will likely drive users away. I’m already looking for an alternative. Poor choices team snap.


If you are a team manager, use this app. If you’re a team parent, ask your manager to use it. If you’re a coach, get ALL YOUR TEAMS on it. I’m not an app user but I manage two teams and could absolutely not do it without Teamsnap.

Used to love the app, but not since they changed look

With multiple teams for multiple kids, this has always been a great tool. However now it defaults to the last team I was viewing and then when you go to the home viewer it has create a new team as the top pick. How often is someone creating a new team versus looking at their team. The old look was much more user friendly-open the app and pick the team I need to view. Also, not sure how you can fix the multiple accounts per team. I have an account, but when my child is created by the coach they get an account, so when There are alerts there are multiple views I have to do. I like the fact that at least now I can go In and clear the extra alerts via a drop down at the top, but just wish I didn’t have two accounts per team.

Required for any manager

Honestly, I couldn’t manage my son’s team without it.

Good so far

I downloaded this app to help a college that I am part of communicate better and it has been amazing at doing just that. Everyone loves it however there are a few that could use some fixes, for example it would be great to be able to upload multiple photos at once and also video upload through the app not just online. One thing that we use a lot in our group is the group chat and that could use some improvements as like maybe support for third party keyboards from the AppStore as well as video and maybe gif support. I hope this feedback is helpful in helping improve the application.

Funny and helpful

This app is really helpful for my soccer teams (and my debate team). I can see who else is going to show up to games and practices and can see if it’s worth it to actually go. Beyond that, I don’t know if most people read the update summaries, but the TeamSnap people put in effort to make them hilarious. Also informative, but always good for a laugh!

Best Team Management App

Nothing touches Team Snap! Period, start to finish sports management app!

Took fees, didn’t add to team

Horrible horrible horrible. Third time my child has had a team that used team snap. Every time we have had at least one issue. Customer service is unresponsive. This time it involved a large team fee.

New look and layout with tabs at bottom aren’t good

They force you to almost click the ads. It’s more convoluted and less helpful. Really hate using it now when I loved it before.

App should display a red number on the icon when a message is waiting

Team Snap needs to display a red number on its icon when a message has been posted by the team. Every other app it seems uses this method to alert you to something that is new or needs action. Sending out a Team Snap email doesn’t get the job done if you’re a Hugh volume email user.

Ruined a great app

Since the last update this app is terrible. The user interface is poorly planned out and hard to navigate. Important items fall right where your fingers naturally are changing availability without confirmation taps.

What happened??

This used to be such a great, simple app, but recent updates make me dread using it. On my iPhone 5S, sometimes an ad will completely block my ability to access my daughter's team. Clicking the x to close it (I tried 5 times) just opens up the ad. On my iPhone 7, sometimes I go in loops teying to figure out how to get from one team schedule to another. Today I needed to see where to pick up my son in 30 mins and it skipped over the current day and took me to the next event (in 2 days), so I ended up going to the wrong location. Please thoroughly test these changes before you implement them!

Team snap first time user

This app is super easy to use, lots of helpful features. I love the ability to make changes, have all roster info in one place, communicate with players and coaches all from one app. Will definitely ask our high school teams to use this app.

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