TeamSnap App Bewertungen

Große Hilfe

Toll, daß es dieses tool gibt. Damit lassen sich die Vereinsaktivitäten für uns als Familie gut planen. Wüsste gar nicht, wie es ohne gehen sollte. (Wir haben zwei aktive Spieler.)


Super App! Läuft wie geschmiert. Nur zwei kleine Mängel: 1. Es wie am PC die Option für "Availability Notes" geben!! Und ein TeamSnap in Deutsch wäre auch super :)


Wenn das ganze Team sich dran hält, definitiv super gut!


Macht was es soll auf perfekte Art!!



Must have

Absolute must w kid sports


Love it!!!

Good app

I have had as many as four teams going in-season and it’s been a really great help with communicating important details eg Field changes, uniform changes, etc. in a ‘snap’!

Good but need better communication

Captures all our scheduling needs, but would love ability to group tournament games within a tournament event. Which would also provide both game and tournament stats. In chat- Would love simile set up to Facebook comments - ability to like, add gif, smiley, etc. Can’t post pictures in Posts or alerts, makes communicating all needs on one place.

Great communication tool

Easiest way to quickly communicate with the team. One stop updates. And reasonable upgrade plans for more options.

Messaging needs work

This would be an amazing app and an easy 5 star review IF the developers would make some easy fixes to the messaging. First, there is no reason to have so many different options for communication. Just have one team chat function. The chat function is what allows managers and coaches to put something out and players and parents to respond. The others are not even needed. The alert function works for putting out last minute information but no one can respond to it. They have to then move the conversation into the team chat if they need to respond. Also, the notification function of the team chat is horrible. Our team is getting notifications approximately 30% of the time when someone sends a chat message. Also, add the app icon badge that lets you know when a chat message has been sent. That’s the easiest way to know you have a message. Make the team chat a one stop for all collaborative communications and this app would be perfect. If the “alert” is such an important function, add the ability to mark a chat as urgent and you have the same functionality but it is all in one place. These are easy changes and unless the communication features are improved, I will be encouraging my fellow coaches to seek a better app for managing their teams.

Great tool

This is a great way to manage your youth sports team!

Missing Apple Watch notifications

Previously all updates were seen on my watch. No longer does it. Great app, but would be helpful if my watch still received notices.

Head Coach

Really nice app to keep everyone on the team on same page, so much better than text messages. Thanks!

Too fragmented from TeamSnap website

The app still seems fragmented from the TeamSnap website, and you still have to use both. For example, you can view emails through the app, but you can only respond to them through the website. Team group chats only work through the app, but users who only use the website can’t view them. They don’t even get a notification that there are new messages on the team’s group chat. Assignments only work through the website, and are invisible through the app.

New Update...

I used to love TeamSnap, everything was easy to sort and you could easily leave teams. However now everything is extremely difficult. I can’t seem to figure out how to delete my old team and add my new one, and the help section isn’t up to date with anything! Incredibly disappointed and frustrated.

Add family photo to roster

Been using TeamSnap for 9 years and love it! A great feature would be the addition of a family picture to each player’s roster info. Best if the people in the pic could be tagged somehow. It’s easy to learn the player’s name but the hard part is associating the player to which family members since you usually meet them on the sidelines separately. This can remove the awkwardness of not knowing the parents names especially for a new family joining an established team.

Ads model

I used to be your biggest fan for team management. Once you moved to an ad model, it only slightly ticked me off. I don’t mind paying for apps, but not just remove ads. The added value should be more than just being less annoying. Now that I’ve received a handful of full screen ads with no ability to dismiss them at the most inopportune time, you’ve now lost my potential business. I’m taking my 6 teams and our 170+ users to GameChanger.

Fix this ad issue!!

I’m paying monthly so there won’t be any ads displayed in the app. But for whatever reason, I will see ads from time to time and restoring subscription only results in error. If they are taking money from me every month, they shouldn’t display any ads period. This is ridiculous. I have contacted them several times and never once do I receive a response!!!

Removal of Real Time Score Keeping

This app worked great until the latest update, with removal of the ability to keep time and score real time! Why remove a feature that most Team managers used to help communicate with parents who cannot be at games?

There’s an Add for that

We have been using TeamSnap for many seasons. I coach multiple sports teams so pay a good deal of money per team. As a coach it’s great gives me a place to update rosters , contacts, houses all my sports in a nice place. The stats portion, payments and the Social space for pictures and chat is nice. Some bugs but overall was satisfied. Seen a very strict drop off in utilization by parents didn’t understand why until was met with a very frustrated group of parents in our team meeting and seen that to not be shown adds they needed to pay monthly for TeamSnap + . Insane.. the adds were taking up majority of the screen and obscuring the needed details. As a coach this Was a good tool. If we are going to be asked to pay fees to use but in turn hit our players with unwanted adds what’s the point is paying the hefty fees? Use the free sites and get the same level of features (and more in some cases) and save the money for a new bench each year. This was an unfortunate change that as a coach I was blind to. Disappointing. Without the adds would be a 3-4 Star if some bugs are fixed. With adds 1 Star . Better to use the free sites at least there you are sacrificing some annoyance for price. Here you pay and still get hit..

Great app with one flaw they clearly are choosing not to fix

PROs: This app is great. Easy to add teams from multiple sports to organize practices, games, field locations, notes, etc. Also seamless integration with Applemaps or Waze (dependent on team manager putting right gps location into teamsnap). Ability to view schedule by sport, or across all teams for an overview of all the sports-related shuttling you have to plan around for the next month is indispensable. I literally cannot think of any way to make it more efficient to manage multiple kids in multiple sports. CON: it is great to be able to share files as attachments to team communications (documents, pictures of the team, etc.). This can only be done via computer, not tablet or mobile device. This is absurd in the year 2018. Every app on every mobile device has seamless ability to take a picture and attach to whatever communication is being sent. If anyone minding the shop cares about the customer experience, someone in the brain-trust at Teamsnap will put someone on a project to add this feature, and in 6 Months we’ll all enjoy it.

App Not Nearly As Robust As Desktop Site

New user, so perhaps I’m still low on the learning curve. However, after experimenting with both the app and the desktop site, the app almost appears to be an afterthought. Functionality from desktop site such as team store and posts does not appear to flow through to the app even though there are placeholders for such. In search of one easy to manage mobile app to replace texting and emails for team notifications. So far, this does not seem to be it.

Ads killed this one

100 buck a year for one kids team is insane. Forced Ads ruin this apps and speed and its ease of use. Removal of real time game score killed it. No customer service- no phone support. Really! Moving to B-A-N-D for free

Best Team Sports App available

It is clear TeamSnap is focused on its users unlike other competing apps. It easy to learns and use. UX is simple and straight forward. The web version is efficient and effective. Yes there is a cost but when compared to other apps the costs is well worth it. And went split across an entire team the cost is very small. I have to use other apps for my others teams for my sons and they are far inferior to TeamSnap.

Love this app but...

The only reason I’m not giving it 5 stars is because it doesn’t give you little red notifications. Our teams send a lot of chats and if I don’t see them live, I often don’t see them because the app doesn’t have the red notification pop up when something is sent or the schedule is changed. I would like that feature then it would definitely be 5 stars!

Best Team App on the Market!!!

Hands on the most comprehensive, organizational tool to manage sports teams! Allows email,text, chat rooms for instant communication! Improves efficiency of your time and tracks and informs changes instantaneously with a push of a few buttons!!!

Great app BUT....

The ability to manage a team is great with this app. I love how I can communicate with the parents through emails and messaging about games and practices. My only complaint is the payment structure. It automatically renews so once your season ends, make sure to go in and cancel. Now in my second year, I went in to use a promo code and after hitting a monthly plan it charged me an annual fee. They refuse to refund me so I am paying for unused program 🤬 oh and I couldn’t take advantage by changing the team because they charge for every team! Huge flaw in customer service!

Pain in the a😡😡 to use

This app is confusing and hard to use I log in and can't get to anything I need and invites are not coming thru Annoying!!!! 😡😡😡

Useless if the Calendars Won’t Sync

Not a happy camper

Best app ever

So good with organizing and just a great app in general




How do you keep time and score on the new update? Very frustrating

Good, but the Ads

When I first started using this app, I had no issues and it worked fairly well. As time went on and improvements were made, ads started to become more prominent to the point at which they are in annoying distraction now. Overall, the app is good. It does a good job of providing communication and information for management of a team. There is no option for a parent to to pay to avoid stupid ads. There is only the option to put up with the ads or if you were a team manager that needs more features, you can pay a monthly fee. A one time pay for no ads for player or a parent use, with no ads would be a smart idea.

Best Team Management App

Best way to manage your team. So nice to have everything in one spot for all communication with your team, families and coaches!!

Team snap

I love team snap I love how me and my team can stay updated on when we have practice and games. And you can also find out were the practice is.


It’s a really good app and reliable

Poor customization

Refresh time is painstakingly slow with a large team. There is no way to list roster in alphabetical order by last name - it goes by first name, which is very frustrating when using the RSVPs to fill out a lineup program that goes by last name. Also, availability preferences are for all games, so there’s no way to set an RSVP cut off for different times for different games.

Used to love this app

I have used this app before with my sons previous team. Now that he is on a new team, it won’t let me log in or to be added to my new sons team. I have deleted the app and reinstalled it. Still does nothing.

Almost 5 Stars

Love love love the app! The only thing that would make it 5 Stars is to enable badge notifications directly on the app face. I like to see how many messages in the event I miss the banner notification.

Is this a bug?

Hi today I noticed that the timer on the live games has a bug when you are writing something in the chat too. The txt on chat is going to stop the counter clock. Is that true? iOS 11.4.1 iphone 6s. Thanks.

Bad update

When saving a score it pauses the clock. Fix and it's a 5 star app.

False advertising

They charge for this app. There are better apps for free.

Headed in the wrong direction

This app used to be one of the best apps in any category. Lately it requires me to log back in even though I’ve not logged out. It also fails to scroll sometimes when looking at the future schedule.

Great app. But, the premium services are severely overpriced

I’ve been using the free version for the past 3 seasons managing my son’s Little League baseball team. I’ve been using another app for lineup management. I decided to look into the premium subscription here to be able to manage the roster, messages, lineup, and positions all in one app. $14 a month or $100 per year? Seriously, I think you guys would have more premium members and make even more money if it was more reasonably priced for Little League coaches such as myself. I’ll stick to Pocket Coach and the free version until it is priced more reasonably.

Poor Customer Service

There are some nice features but it doesn’t live up to its potential. I feel like I wasted $100. The worst part of this app is the lack of customer service. I couldn’t speak with anyone on the phone, only live chat or email, which is not enough and not nearly as effective. That is the main reason I am giving a 1 star. I would give 0 if I could. I feel it all comes down to customer service. As a coach my app doesn’t have ads but all of my players are swamped with ads. That stinks The boys can’t enter their own stats. The link between mobile phone and computer is not fluid. You can’t do the same things on both. For example. I would like to pick the roster for my next match. Very easy to do in the mobile app but not at all for the computer, in fact I still haven’t been able to figure it out. I never leave this type of review but I am so frustrated by their lack of care for my well being. I’m sure there is another app out there that can do much of the same or more than Team Snap.

Latest update

I cannot see weather to accept or decline and event . Please correct ASAP .

TeamReach is so much better

I hate this app. It is so commercial it feels invasive. I’m only getting messages via my email. They do not appear in the group chat even though I have it turned on in settings. Turning group chat on and off is the only setting you can change btw. Signing up was a pain even with the link. And TeamReach was much more user friendly and less redundant. I mean why have group chat AND messages via email? If we were going to communicate via email what do we need the app for? I seriously wish my son’s team had not switched.

Logs you out and acts like you never made an account

I’m not gonna beat around the bush. TeamSnap is a godsend for our team. Recently though, I have been logged out and tried every possible login, and have failed.

Doesn’t work with AOL

I’ve had 3 different teams use TeamSnap and I’ve never gotten an invite as there is some disconnect with AOL.


This is a game changer for parents and coaches the best team tool ever

Please fix this promising app

First off, the concept of this app is great. Our team really uses all aspects of it. That being said, the programmers really need to fix the many bugs in the program. Such as: if you update/change a photo using the browser version, the iOS app doesn’t not update or sync. The only way to get this to happen is to delete the iOS app and re-download it. Then the new info is there. This needs to be done every time there is an info change via the browser version. Also, when uploading a photo with the required specs, the app still chops off the players heads. The only work around I found was putting a large border around the photo, so the crop wouldn’t cut off most of the picture. I would love to give this app 5 stars, but it is beyond frustrating to get things to sync up between devices. If I’m missing something here, I’d love to know a short cut rather than deleting the app and re-downloading it. Please fix “what could be a great" app!

No alerts on main screen

The apps is great, but with all the notifications turned on, all I get are the banner alerts. It would nice to put the number in the top of the app icon Incase the banner alert is missed.

Use to love it, not as much anymore

I have used this app for years and loved it but someone may be getting greedy as the basic platform seems to have less features now and the rate to upgrade to get better functionality is expensive

App is terrible

App doesn’t work or sync.

Too many ads; photos don’t rotate

I’ve used the app for about 2 years and it worked great until early 2018 when it became irritantly ad-infested. Furthermore, photos do not rotate on mobile devices. Will be exploring other options for communicating with my team and parents.

Not working on iPhone 6s

The app keeps crashing, please check ASAP.

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