TeamSnap Sport Team Management App Reviews

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This App is Fantastic

All I have to say is that this App makes it possible for me to communicate with the team in ways I never could before. Great work Team snap team!!!

Love it!

I have been using this for several years now- and it is great! Our whole club and a few surrounding ones now all use this- even the high school team. It tracks availability, payments, items (like forms, etc). It is an awesome product.

Truly disappointed!! NOT FREE

FREE, is NOT so free!! Hopefully this will get to someone that will read and respond that cares about feedback. No where on your app listing is there anything that says "trial version" of the app. After about a month you start receiving on a regular basis emails to "upgrade" to a paid version AND the "free version" is stripped down. So disappointed in you misleading people with "free" and stripping away accesses I will be removing this app from my phone and utilizing an app from another company that does not mislead its users. Disappointed that it was too good to be true and that others said the app was great. You failed expectations!!

Love it!!

Great for keeping team communication!

5 stars

Love this app. Thank you!

Super helpful!

I manage my sons comp soccer team. All the parents just check TeamSnap to know when and where to be, and with what color uniforms. They enter their sons availability, too. So.... no need for emails back and forth about ANYTHING!!

Excellent tool to manage teams

Really helps keep things organized

Very useful

Great app, easy to use, very reliable and useful for the coaches. Well done!

Pretty Darned Handy

Makes the overall management of the process pretty easy. I am a first-time coach, so I have nothing to compare to this app, but I have been pleased.


Couldnt ask for a better app

Memory chip

Thank god for this app I dont have to remember anything anymore it does it for me

Fantastic App

Very useful and efficient but pricy

Easy and convenient

Easy and convenient. Everything you need to know about your team in one place!


Quickest way to access everything!

Nice version 1.0 ... App needs some addl voews

Very helpful for each individual family member (kid) ... Individually. Id like to see an iphone app view or filter by calendar that shows each of our kids time and location for a day selected (eg in one view, which kid is playing where on Sunday? What time are all of the kids practices on thursday?)

Does what you need it to

Like the title of the review says, the app does everything you needed to. The interface might be a bit clunky, particularly when trying to figure out how to send emails, but after a bit of fiddling it all works well


Too bad is so slow to download pictures. And It crashes from time to time. Other than that is very helpful

Full featured team management app

Were using it for our Little League Softball team. Its great for tracking schedules, availability, etc. The communication options are flexible. Managing is a bit easier from the web version, but the mobile client works for keeping in touch with the team.


Amazing tool for team activity

Definitely amazing app

Love this app! Makes it easy to learn the team roster, keeps track of game schedule and availability. All teams should use this app.

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